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8 Shaft Table Loom

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Get a wide variety of pattern with this 8 Shaft Table Loom! It is portable, easy to use and versatile also for beginners and experienced weavers . It folds flat with your weaving in place, making them ideal for taking to workshops or guild meetings.
The overhead beater, with automatic bounce back, gives a wonderful shed and even beating. Levers are within easy reach for comfortable weaving. Each shaft can be lifted simply and quickly and is independent enabling a wide variety of patterns to be woven.

Laquered finish
Eight shafts
40cm - 8.5kg (19lbs)
60cm - 10.5kg (23lbs)
80cm - 12.3kg (27lbs)
Weaving width 40cm (16 inches), 60cm (24 inches) or 80cm (32 inches)
Overhead beater with automatic bounce back
Non-slip rubber feet give extra stability
Silver beech wood
3 Sizes available:
40cm (24 inches)
60cm (32 inches)
80cm (32 inches)

Included accessories:
- 10dpi (40/10) stainless steel reed
- 2 Shuttles
- 1 Threading hook
- Cross and warp sticks
- Texsolv Heddles
- Instruction booklet

Available accessories

Assembly instructions