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Knitter and spinner for several years, manual and creative, I have always been looking for new challenges. Tricote Moé Ça all started somewhere in the woods of Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard. Away from everyone, having as faithful friends my spinning wheel, my wool and my needles, I spun, knitted, spun and knitted again and again; Pure happiness! Then at a certain moment, I wanted to pass on my passion. The idea of ​​transforming it into a business and making a living from it seemed to me like the last link in the project. A dream, an accomplishment, a satisfaction!

So I worked hard to come up with a business model that suited me. I wanted to offer a diversified range of products and services. Above all, I aimed for accessibility to all. Democratizing wool, popularizing weaving, reconnecting with spinning. I wanted to create or maintain this love of wool in others as well. From there, the work to start it all began...

I particularly like local things, by the way, handmade, all with a hint of love, that's the main thing. I try to prioritize buying local, but also variety and quality. This is one of the reasons why I turned to Kromski & Sounds. I found that in our beautiful province of Quebec, we were limited in terms of choice of spinning and weaving products. By the way, their products are simply beautiful and pleasant to work with. To help bring choice and diversity, I made the decision to take care of customs clearance costs. I hope to be able to share it with anyone who wants to.

Then, my woodworker heart wanted to save the spinning wheels, all of them! These magnificent spinning wheels that carry history and traditions. These spinning wheels now abandoned and without a family came to whisper in my ear that they still wanted to live 100 years! So I had the chance to take cabinetmaking classes to give them all the love and attention they deserve. Creation of coils, making of flyers, adjustments, fine-tuning, open-heart repair, stripping of layers of paint that hide their original beauty, and so on. Those old spinning wheels can get back to work and do what they do best: spin, weave, and spin.

Tricote Moé Ça is the culmination of a great dream. It is a site where you can find products, articles, advice and networking. I want to be able to offer everyone over time, both suppliers and consumers, a platform that brings together as many local products as possible "made in Quebec".

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