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Ashford E-Spinner Super Jumbo

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The E-Spinner Super Jumbo combines all the best features of the Country Spinner 2 and the E-Spinner 3 in a super-size, portable electronic spinner! It has the huge flyer and bobbin of the Country Spinner 2 and the power, versatility and portability of the E-Spinner 3. Spin all types of yarn - fine yarns, chunky yarns, creative yarns, textured yarns and of course all your plying. He has a quiet but powerful 12 volt DC 2.0 amp motor with soft start and infinitely variable flyer speed of 0-500 rpm to control and manipulate the yarn. What could be better!

Laquered finish
Weight 3,6 kg (8 lb)
Bobbin capacity 1,4 kg (3 lb)
Flyer orifice  2,7 cm (1⅛ ")
Orifice height 23 cm (9 ")
Motor 12 volts DC, 2.0amp, 70w

Included accessories:
- 1 Country spinner bobbin 
- Wooden threading hook
- Learn to spin booklet
- Padded carry bag with shoulder straps
- Oil bottle
- On/Off foot controller
- 12v mains power cord

E-Spinner Super Jumbo available accessories