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Basic Jumbo Flyer Unit - Single Drive

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The large bobbin and orifice allow spinning chunky and novelty yarns or production spinning and plying. Very quick and easy to fit. Just swap the maid upright bearing.

Natural finish
Single drive
Bobbin capacity 225g (8oz)
Flyer orifice 15 mm (0.6 ")

Included accessories:
- Jumbo flyer
- 1 Jumbo bobbin
- Threading hook
- Drive band (to replace the one already in place)
- Brake band (to replace the one already in place)
- 2 Tension springs
- 1 Orifice reducer bush (to insert when spinning fine yarns)
- 1 Bearing reducer bush (so you can use your standard flyer without changing the bearing)
- Jumbo hooks
- Instructions

Traditional single drive
Traveller single drive

Assembly instructions