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Electric Drum Carder - 12"

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Easily prepared your fiber with this brand new electric carder from Ashford!
It has two powerful motors to easily work on fibers and rovings.

Laquered finish
Main drum: 72 points
Feed drum: 36 points
When in reverse, for fibre removal, the drums rotate at 10% carding speed
Infinitely variable speed control for both drums plus a ratio control to vary the in-feed speed
Acrylic safety covers over the drums and the drive belts
Magnetic safety switch
Stepped tooth non-slip drive belts with belt tensioners
Carding drums can be removed to clean bearings
Width 30cm (12")
Carding capacity up to 135g ( 4.75 oz)
Weight 15.2 kg (33.5 lbs)

Included accessories:
- Packer brush
- Awl/Doffer
- Cleaning brush
- Diz
- On/Off foot controler
- 24 volt mains transformer