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Ashford E-Spinner 3

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Spin large amounts of yarn, quickly and effortlessly for yourself or a cottage industry. The e-Spinner is quiet, convenient and simple to use. Small and portable plus the optional 12v car cord enables you to take the e-Spinner with you to guild meetings, on holiday, use it in the car, caravan, RV or boat. The scotch tension system allows all types of yarn to be spun. He has a quiet but powerful 12 volt DC 2.0 amp 70 watt motor with soft start and infinitely variable speed from 0-1800 rpm.  Take this e-Spinner with you, wherever you go!

Laquered finish
Weight 2 kg (4,4 lb)
Bobbin capacity 225g (8oz)
Flyer orifice 1,5 cm (⅝ ")
Orifice height 15 cm (6 ")
Motor 12volt DC, 2.0amp, 70w

Included accessories:
- 3 Jumbo bobbins 
- Tensioned lazy kate
- Wooden threading hook
- Learn to spin booklet
- Padded carry bag with shoulder straps
- Oil bottle
- On/Off foot controller
- 12v mains power cord

E-Spinner 3 available accessories