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Markeloo Studio

Marcelo Ribeiro Martins

The world of knitting was opened to him in his childhood thanks to his grandmother, when he lived in Brazil. Being a little bit irritating, she sometimes used the chopsticks to tap his fingers, but above all she had instilled in him a passion for fiber.
With years, discoveries, unanswered questions about the behavior of yarns and their twists, Marcelo finally decided to enter the world of spinning in 2015. Making Faced with this marvelous universe and all the information he discovered, it was natural for him to share it.
Now a spinning and knitting teacher since 2018, an active member of Vogue Knitting, a student in the Master Spinner program at Old College in Alberta, and the owner of his own business, he spreads his love and knowledge of the fiber to all those who want it, while meeting their own needs for understanding, discovery and learning. From an early age, the textile arts have been an integral part of her life. Now he creates his own patterns, prepares his fibers from start to finish and even offers lessons.
How a passion for fiber can take a man so far!
What does he like best about fiber? Planning a project from start to finish and of course implementing it, making every little thing nice and the "cloud" effect of woolen yarn.